Wall Panel Install

Introducing the Green Giant Design+Build prefabricated structural wall panel: a high quality super-insulated and sealed building envelope that is built indoors for better quality and value.

Our modern and efficient production facility allow us to manufacture your home year-round and weather-independent, keeping your timeline and budget predictable and manageable.

The wall panels are uniquely engineered, and can be built to a range of thicknesses and insulation levels depending on your project budget and insulation requirements. They are then sealed and shipped to your site for crane assembly in 1-3 days.

We use dense-packed cellulose insulation to keep you comfortable:

  • R-value equal to (or greater than) fibreglass and mineral wool – at lower cost.
  • Reduced air infiltration, convection, and thermal bridging.
  • Sound dampening through mass and slight pressurization.
  • 87% recycled post-consumer material.
  • Fire retardant, 1994 National Research Council of Canada study found 22% – 55% better overall wall fire resistance than a wall insulated with fibreglass batts.

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